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Blue Ridge Wildlife Center Patient of the Week: Eastern Gray Squirrel

Warren County Senior Center receives unexpected donation

Northwestern Prevention Collaborative launches “My Story Weaves Our Story”

Blue Ridge Hospice names Jason Parsons Chief Business Development Officer

VDOT: Warren County Traffic alert for April 18 – 22, 2022

Facing litigation Front Royal Town Council authorizes refund of building department fees on unissued or unfinalized permitting

Council unsure on interim appointment, petitions the Court for Nov. 8 Special Election to fill term of Scott Lloyd’s vacated seat

Short-term tourist rentals on the rise and camping on a residential lot: County Planning Commission

Town Council holds Joint Comp Plan Update meeting with Planning Commission, FREDA

County moves toward FY-2023 Budget vote with State contributions in question

Town Talk: A conversation with Barney Stine, AMVETS Post 18, Stephens City, VA

Town Talk: A conversation with David Freese, The Valley Chorale – Earth Day Concerts

Town Talk: A conversation with Justin Proctor – Earth Day Celebration 2022

Town Talk: A conversation with Adam Schellhammer, Executive Director, Valley Conservation Council

Town Talk: A conversation with Michelle Ross and Melody Hotek, Samuels Public Library

Hometown Faces: Meet Scott Reid

Hometown Faces: Meet Suzanne Silek

Hometown Faces: Meet John Marlow

Hometown Faces: Meet Harry Bowen – soon to be 100

WATCH: Faces of Our Valley – Selah Theatre Project, Glory Bea!

Lance Allen announces candidacy for Virginia’s First Senate District

Meet the Candidates: Robert Hupman announces for Virginia Senate seat in new District 1

Town Talk: A conversation with Bruce Rappaport, candidate for Front Royal Town Council

Town Talk: A conversation with Amber Morris, candidate for Front Royal Town Council

Town Talk: A conversation with Melanie Salins, candidate for School Board in Warren County, North River District

Free family bingo & dinner with Warren Coalition

Wakefield Country Day School’s 50th-anniversary celebration kicks off on Founders Weekend

Browntown Redbud Festival to be held Saturday, April 23rd

Warren Heritage Society and SAR commemorate Patriots Day

This week’s showtimes at Royal Cinemas as of April 15th

FRPD releases details of high-speed pursuit, arrest of Maryland residents with ‘ghost gun’, suspected narcotics, and children in vehicle

Former Council Clerk’s Discrimination lawsuit against Town of Front Royal continued on dueling motions filings

Front Royal Police apprehend Maryland man soliciting underage victims for sexual purposes

IRS-CI releases latest COVID-related fraud investigational statistics ahead of CARES Act anniversary

Point, Counterpoint: attorneys debate plea agreement dynamics, impacts in County Fire Truck accident traffic case

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 4/18/2022

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 4/11/2022

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 3/28/2022

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 3/14/2022

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 3/7/2022

Legal Notice: Hydroelectric application has been filed with the Commission and is available for public inspection

EDA: Request for Qualifications for the provision of debt collection legal services

EDA: Invitation to bid; roof replacement

Special Commissioners Sale Saturday, October 5, 2019: Two adjoining tracts 42 & 41 acres

Front Royal flushing fire hydrants town wide

Town Council meeting on Monday, March 28 will include several public hearings

Town to begin road work on Royal Ave/Commerce Ave at 14th Street

Town of Front Royal to accept applications for scholarships on March 1

Neighbors helping neighbors stay safe during and after winter storms

WC EDA takes no action out of Special Meeting Closed Session 

Watch: Royal Examiner video of WC EDA monthly meeting of February 2022

Two adults in the room: Following Thursday meetings County and Town EDA boards move toward coordinated efforts

WC EDA moves forward with bank refinancing, welcomes Joe Petty to directorship

County supervisors ponder expensive departmental equipment replacements, modifications to EDA Support Agreement

Little civil consequence of more criminal prosecution delays in EDA case

County Supervisors change November meeting date – stay mum on Closed Session EDA litigation discussion

‘Ghosts of EDA Loans Past’ come back to haunt county supervisors

EDA gets McDonald company property as part of settlement agreement

EDA Finance Committee scrutinizes FY-22 Budget proposal, dynamics

Quality Title moves to a new home in Front Royal

Grand re-opening & ribbon cutting at Royal Cinemas

NextHome Realty Select re-opens office in Front Royal

Warrior Psychotherapy Services opens on Main Street

Everythings Crafty opens in Front Royal

Sixth District Perspectives with Congressman Ben Cline – April 14, 2022

Warner & Coons reintroduce legislation to support lifelong learning & worker training

Legislation expected to include Warner-authored policy to increase American manufacturing of semiconductors; domestic shortage is key driver of inflation

Sixth District Perspectives with Congressman Ben Cline – April 5, 2022

Senator Mark Warner will support Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson

Motorcycle riders urged to sign up for free course during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Judge reinstates case against two police officers who handcuffed and yelled at a 5-year-old

In Ukraine conflict, Syrians and Syrian-Americans witness familiar Russian brutality

Lawmakers and advocates see new tool against hate crimes as lynching becomes federal crime

In historic vote, Senate confirms Jackson as first black woman justice on Supreme Court

Motorcycle riders urged to sign up for free course during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Governor Glenn Youngkin Announces that the Commonwealth’s unemployment rate fell to 3.0 percent in March

Attorney General Miyares urges CDC to address the opioid epidemic

Virginia becomes first Southern state to bungle cannabis legalization, advocates say

March 2022 General Fund revenues exceed forecasts

Warren County Middle School vs Skyline Middle School – Girls Basketball, October 4, 2021

Warren County Middle School vs Frederick County Middle School – Girls Basketball, September 27, 2021

Warren County Middle School vs Daniel Morgan Middle School – Girls Basketball, September 23, 2021

Warren County Middle School vs Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School – Girls Basketball, September 20th, 2021

Warren County Middle School Academic Honors Ceremony – 8th Grade

How to decide if you should buy a home in the city or suburbs

10 signs you’re ready to own a home

Real Estate and Community News (March/April 2022) with Jen Avery, REALTOR

Virginia REALTORS® secure victory in fight for health insurance options

How to shop for a mortgage

OPEN HOUSE: 159 High Point Court, Front Royal – This Saturday, April 2nd

House for sale: 159 High Point Court, Front Royal

House for sale: 104 Foam Flower, Lake Frederick

Property for sale: 425 N Royal Ave, Front Royal – Watch the tour!

House for sale: 361 Walnut Drive, Front Royal – Watch the tour!

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

How to choose a toaster

What you should know about recycling batteries

10 signs you may need grief counseling

Earth Day 2022: Consider the chopstick

To Censor or not to Censor, that is a Difficult Question

The Cracked Acorn: C.S. Lewis

The Cracked Acorn: The Bible Today

The Cracked Acorn: Higgs Boson

Why we should be ‘Babyish’ in Love

The School of Life: How to Stop Playing Games in Love

The School of Life: How You Can Be Too Clever

Looking Back: A Mothers Revenge – Hannah Duston

Ben Franklin and his miraculous lightning rod

The Year Without A Summer : “Eighteen Hundred & Froze To Death”

America’s veterans remembered and honored for their service across the years

How much do you know about Veterans Day?

5 meaningful ways to celebrate Veterans Day

5 ways to celebrate Veterans Day

The 11hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – Veterans Day 2020

Real Estate and Community News (March/April 2022) with Jen Avery, REALTOR

Ride With Rotary brings in over $13,500 in sponsorship with glowing reviews!

Rotary Club of Warren County presents WCHS DECA with $1,000 check for conference

Ride With Rotary – Food vendor update

Thank you to our Ride With Rotary sponsors

Community Blood Drive to be held this Wednesday, March 3rd

Santa Claus is coming to Town, Warren County!

A “COVID Christmas” message from Santa

“Wreaths Across America Day” will be celebrated December 19th

Attention cyber shoppers: Support a Warren Co. entrepreneur’s dream and buy a Jarvis Handheld Vacuum online – free shipping!

Warren Heritage Society announces the publication of their newest book, “Coming Together”

Send bracelets to quarantined residents of Commonwealth Assisted Living in Front Royal through

Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 10

Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 9

Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 8

Breakfast with Barry Lee – Dishing out ample servings of positivity, humor, and community spirit.

Why is Microsoft buying up game developers?

Social media made easy with the right tools

Here’s why SEO offers a great opportunity for small businesses

Taking your email marketing to the next level

Over $100 billion in pandemic relief funds stolen

A brief guide to networking

3 golden rules for future entrepreneurs

3 things to consider when negotiating your working conditions

How to make your online portfolio stand out

3 job ideas for sports fans

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Ruby chocolate puffed rice squares

Get the most out of Easter ham with easy ham and beans

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Seniors feel the impact of isolation

3 tips for taking care of your dentures

Jumping rope: The perfect workout

How to prevent golf-related injuries

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3 questions to ask when choosing a window treatment

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Clearing out the house? Delete your email and text messages

4 tips for moving into a retirement home

How to use a mobility scooter

Pet ownership keeps you smart and happy

Homework: 5 things that can affect your concentration

Eco-responsibility and the environment: True or false quiz

What you should know before getting chickens

How to handle your pet snake

“I have a destructive side.”

“You should know, I’m not a rodent.”

How to prepare for a solo trip

5 good reasons to book your cruise early

What to do if your car gets flooded

6 tips for driving in the rain

How to clean and organize your car’s trunk and cabin

A pledge to drive distraction-free can save lives

How to tell if a company is greenwashing

5 reasons to organize an Earth Day activity

How to decorate your table for Easter

5 Easter gifts that aren’t chocolate

Grain silos are large, cylindrical tanks used to store livestock feed and grain high in moisture content like corn and barley.

There are two main types of silos: bunker and tower. In both models, grain can be added to the silo using a grain elevator or auger through a hole in the top. The fan must be turned on as soon as there are three feet of grain in the silo. This will ensure the grain doesn’t overheat.

The temperature and humidity of the grain must be checked as soon as it’s placed in the silo. It should also be frequently recorded throughout the storage period using a moisture meter or temperature probe. Once the silo is full, the surface of the grain should be leveled with a spreader or shovel. This helps improve ventilation and stabilizes the temperature and humidity of the grain more quickly.

There’s little to no oxygen inside silos. This allows the grain and plant materials to ferment, a process that’s called ensiling. It preserves the value of the grain until it comes into contact with oxygen.

On tower silos, grain can be unloaded directly from the bottom. However, with bunker silos, you must use a loader. If you have enough space, you can open one side of the silo so livestock can help themselves to feed.

How to choose a toaster

Are you buying your first toaster or replacing one that’s broken? If so, there are a variety of options available on the market. Here are four things to consider when making your choice.

1. Size Make sure you choose a toaster that fits on your counter. The size of the toaster will also dictate the number and style of the slots. For example, toasters with long, wide slots allow you to toast a variety of food items.

2. Features If you want an appliance that does more than just toast bread, look for a toaster with additional features like a defrosting or warming mode.

3. User experience You can make your toaster experience more enjoyable by choosing a model with convenient features like an extra-high lift lever, a crumb tray, a cool-touch exterior, a stop button, or a bagel mode.

4. Appearance You may want a toaster that matches the look of your kitchen. However, keep in mind that stainless-steel models are generally made better than plastic ones. In fact, stainless steel is scratch-and rust-resistant and will look new for years to come.

To find a toaster that’s right for you, visit your local stores.

Batteries are used in many everyday items like alarm clocks, flashlights, TV remotes, and more. However, they must be recycled when they reach the end of their usable lifespan to prevent them from leaching toxic chemicals into the environment. Here’s what you should know.

How to recycle batteries Store your used batteries in a clear container or plastic bag and take them to your local drop-off center as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to place a piece of masking tape over the battery’s positive and negative terminals to prevent them from creating a spark.

How batteries are recycled Before being processed at a recycling center, batteries are sorted according to their weight and interior components like nickel, alkali, lithium, and lead. Once there, the spent batteries are stripped of their metals and other elements. These components are then used to create a variety of products like silverware, pots and pans, golf clubs, concrete aggregates, and more.

Do you want to do your part to protect the environment? There are now eco-friendly batteries available for purchase. Look for them at your local stores.

If a loved one recently passed away, you may be wondering if you need help dealing with your grief. Here are 10 signs you should reach out to a counselor or psychologist.

1. You feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to perform daily tasks.

2. You’re no longer interested in your job, studies, or social activities.

3. You feel angry or guilty.

6. The pain of your loss won’t go away, even after several months of grieving.

7. You try to hide your grief from others.

8. Your eating or sleeping habits have changed.

9. You’ve developed a new addiction or are engaging in self-harm.

If you answered yes to one or more of these statements, you should seek professional help from a counselor or psychologist. They can recommend strategies to help you better manage your grief.

A third of the global population uses them every single day. The rest of the population fumbles (and masters) them at restaurant meals. All those chopsticks add up — mostly in landfills.

About 80 billion pairs of chopsticks are thrown away every year. To make that massive number of chopsticks, activists in China have documented the destruction of 100 acres per day of aspen, birch, and bamboo.

In Vancouver, Canada, entrepreneur Felix Bock wants to do something about all those chopsticks. Something useful. Something artistic.

His new startup, ChopValue, transforms sticky single-use chopsticks into furniture.

His raw material is not in short supply. According to Bock, his company collects 350,000 used chopsticks from 300 restaurants every week. He cleans them, compresses them, and turns them into bookshelves, cutting boards, art, and desks. He estimates that he has transformed 50 million pairs of chopsticks since 2016.

Here is how it all works.

The wood is harvested in Asia and made into chopsticks. The sticks travel 6,000 miles to Vancouver, where they end up in restaurants and are used once.

The ChopValue staff collects the sticks. They coat them in a water-based resin and sterilize them at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for five hours, according to Atlas Obscura.

After that, the sticks are sorted and sent to a hydraulic machine than breaks them down into composite wood. They are sanded, polished, and lacquered.

It takes more than 10,000 chopsticks to make a desk.

By now, you’ve likely heard of bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies. These assets have become hot investment vehicles in recent years, especially amid worries of economic upheaval, inflation, and more. Unfortunately, bitcoin and other currencies are frequently used for criminal activities, and right now, they offer one of the more popular ways to launder money.

Bitcoin, among other cryptocurrencies, has been used to support criminal activities for many years. Why? For one, cryptocurrencies largely exist outside traditional financial networks and government oversight is minimal. And at least with bitcoin, it’s difficult to see who owns and who is spending individual bitcoins. These attributes are great for criminals and money launderers.

Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis found that money laundering via cryptocurrencies increased by about 30 percent in 2021. However, the company also notes that laundering accounts for only about .05 percent of cryptocurrency transactions.

Through money laundering, criminals process ill-gotten money to make it look like legitimate earnings. Government authorities try to track money sourced from illegal activities. If criminals can “clean” the money, it’s much harder for governments to crack down on them. It’s believed that somewhere between $800 billion and $2 trillion is laundered globally, accounting for between 2 to 5 percent of the global GDP.

So, let’s say a criminal makes $1 million illicitly. Simply going out and spending that money might draw too much attention. Instead, they can set up a restaurant, then charge a bunch of fake meals worth $100,000 in total. Next, they take their cash and use it to pay for the fake meals. By doing so, the money looks legitimate, and tracing the funds back to their criminal source would be difficult.

Setting up companies and falsifying sales is one way to launder cash. And now, so is using cryptocurrencies.

IRS scams are everywhere, bilking people out of thousands of dollars and fraudulently obtaining their personal information.

Phone scams are big during tax season. The thing to remember is that the real IRS will never:

* Call to demand immediate payment using something like a prepaid debit card, gift card, or wire transfer. If the IRS wants money from you, they will send a letter first. It won’t come as a surprise.

* Threaten you. The IRS will never say they are going to bring police or any other kind of law enforcement personnel to arrest you.

* Demand tax payments without offering you the opportunity to appeal or even ask for details about the demand.

* Call you about a tax refund. They might write to you, but they won’t call you first.

If you receive such a call, note the number and hang up. You can report the scam at

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