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2022-07-30 01:57:37 By : Ms. Tongyinhai Manufacturer

Partly cloudy skies this evening will become overcast overnight. Low near 65F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph..

Partly cloudy skies this evening will become overcast overnight. Low near 65F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.

Without its aesthetically pleasing concrete pool deck, a swimming pool would not be complete. Yes! It is crucial that the concrete footings surrounding the pool would bear cool styles and exciting designs.  

When planning to build the pool decks, you must be aware of how the design would coincide with the entire theme and look of the pool area. 

Here are the popular finishing applications and design options for the pool decks that you should try!

There are various types and look to create the decks around a swimming pool. One of the common materials used for building this is concrete. And that is what we are going to focus on with today's list.

A practical way to style and design the concrete pool decks is with stamped patterns. Concrete stamping uses rubber stamp mats that got the various marks on them. Those patterns would usually look like natural cut stones, random stone, slate cut patterns, brick, and even wood. 

There is no other complex material used to make these decorative elements. Also, an installer can stamp the concrete manually, and the outcome would be seamless. With that, you would not worry about getting the massive machines to apply decorations on the floor material.

While stamped concrete pool decks are timeless floor designs and systems for outdoors, you may get too familiar with its look. You might want to upgrade a traditional look into a more sophisticated, chic-styled pool decks. Here comes textured concrete. 

Under this category, there are even more different pool decking types under this category. One popular option is the cooling deck or simply the cool decks. Here are the typical textured finishes for the pool deckings to go with your pool deck repair and resurfacing:

This is the classic cool decking system. This application is developed especially for pools to create a special non-slip surface by creating a distinct texture. Although the spray finish makes a textured surface, the top layer would look seamless and polished. The compound used to create the coating consisted of epoxy and acrylic, where the acrylic helps to coat and seal the concrete so that it won't absorb heat. The epoxy helps create the effect where the coating cures in a short time, so when a trowel knocks the sprayed compound, the outcome would have blotch-like patterns on the surface.

The exposed aggregate is a decorative application that, instead of suing coating compounds, the finishing material consists of an aggregate mix. This mix would contain solid materials such as small pebbles, shard glass pieces, silica nad sand, and tiny stone pieces. The outcome makes the decks look like natural sand or sediments from a river bend, perfectly coinciding with any backyard pool theme.

The broom finish is what its name already suggests. An actual brush or broom is used to create the finishing patterns on the surface. It is a simple approach to creating a decorative flair and no need for complicated technical or other heavy mechanical tools.

When it comes to skid resistance, the rock salt finish is the one that best provides that function. The salt finish can use coarse rock salt to add over the concrete mix making the pool deck looks more natural and also feel natural. 

Wooden decks are typical materials for pool decks, and it is as durable as concrete and has excellent skid resistance. 

In terms of aesthetics, wooden decks would be your choice if you want a classic, sleek, industrial look. It has a timeless, natural appeal that complements a modern, minimalist exterior. So if you got your homes or properties with that theme, then the wooden decks would coincide perfectly. 

Last but not least, the concrete pavers. Paver tiles are most popular among historic properties found chiefly on the state's upper side, and Pavers are considered durable and have excellent ski resistance and cooling features. 

Mainly because the pavers would also consist of concrete materials am the system in which it's installed helps the surface to repel heat. However, the concrete pavers would need high maintenance. If not cleaned routinely, weeds and grass or roots can crawl up from the thin gaps of each tile piece. And you may want to replace the decks with seamless concrete for easy maintenance. 

Take recommendations from an expert in pool deck installation. You can easily find one by typing the phrase "concrete resurfacing near me." Consulting with professional pool deck builders will help you choose the suitable material for you and your property.

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